Sales Pages That Convert 2021:

5 Examples for Coaches & Course Creators

You did it. You decided to create your course so you’ve spent months creating the content and getting everything ready and now…?

Now it’s time to create the dreaded sales page. 

You’ve been eyeballing everyone else’s sales pages but you’re not even really sure what makes a sales page great. 

Where do you start? What needs to be included? 

Stop right there 🖐🏻 I gotcha covered. 

I’m about to review five sales pages from industry leaders that are making bank. We’re going to look at everything they’re doing right, along with what I’d do differently (because I’ve created hundreds of these things and I know my shizz 😏). 

Just in case you’ve happened upon this page and you’re not exactly sure what a sales page is…

What is a sales page...

And how exactly is it different from a landing page? 

Landing pages are generally the first step of your list building process. It’s where you direct traffic to sign up for your freebie. It’s main goal is to get someone to sign up and become a subscriber because if you didn’t know, the money is in your list. 

Sales pages have one goal: to get the person on the other side of the screen to take out their card and buy. Sales pages are much longer than landing pages because you have to hit certain psychological triggers and present the offer in a way that’s going to appeal to your ideal client and motivate them to buy from you versus someone else. 

Sales pages tend to be long so I couldn’t include full size images of the sales pages. If you’d like to follow along with me, you can download a PDF version here. 👇🏻

Laura Belgray: Launch Hero

What it is: Launch Hero is Laura’s most recent launch that teaches you how to write your own launch copy, complete with swipes written by the lovable genius herself. I thought this would be a GREAT example because Laura is a copywriter - so it makes sense we should study what she’s doing on her sales pages. 

Price Point: $349

What I love: 
  • The opening headline is clear and delivers the promise of the course: it’s an email copywriting course for launch sequences that are going to make you a lot of money
  • ​Video of Laura talking about the course at the top
  • ​There’s a full breakdown of each PDF & video training that’s included with the course
  • ​Tons of mockups throughout the page give the reader a visual of what’s included with the course - this makes it tangible
  • ​Screenshots from happy customers that have already bought Launch Hero
  • ​I love the section with the icons that tells the reader all the juicy secrets they’re going to learn in the course
  • ​Tons and tons of testimonials
What I would do differently: 
  • I would condense the information in sections 1 and 3 to make it visible above the fold
  • ​​Add a button above the fold so people can go straight to payment options
  • ​Make the first testimonial its own section and include a photo
  • ​The first mockup image is rather unremarkable - which is the first impression of the course. However, I’d move that further down on the page and make it a big spread of everything included in the course
  • ​There are large sections of paragraph text that are center justified which is hard on their reader’s eyes - especially when there are bullets
  • ​I’d add a guarantee to make prospects on the fence feel better about their decision to buy
  • ​You have to click the button to view payment options. The price isn’t listed on the sales page at all
  • ​Include values for everything that’s included in the course with a total value somewhere on the page, preferably near the payment options

Want to follow along? Download the PDF of all 5 sales pages here

Allie Bjerk: The Rich Life Lab

What it is: Launch The Rich Life Lab is Allie’s newest offering - a membership community for entrepreneurs that want to be rich without having to sacrifice every other area of their life.  

Price Point: $197/mo for the first 100 founding members

What I love: 
  • Headline & tagline clearly deliver the promise of the membership community - a rich life without sacrificing your health, wellbeing, or family time
  • ​She clearly presents the problem and paints a picture of what her ICA is experiencing right now which naturally leads into her presenting her process as the solution
  • ​She’s gives you proof that she’s making the big bucks with a screenshot of her profit and loss statement
  • ​She educates the reader on her process she calls the Rich Life Blueprint and she’s included a visual of the 3 pillars
  • ​Clear breakdown of what topics will be covered each month of the membership and it’s presented in a way that’s visually appealing (rather than overwhelming) 
  • ​The about section is designed really well and positions Allie as the perfect person to teach you how to build a rich life
  • ​She formally introduces the offer and includes a mockup with each feature of the membership
  • ​Text is broken up into easy to digest sections and the font variations make it easier to read
  • ​Overall it’s a beautiful, well designed sales page
What I would do differently: 
  • I’d like to see descriptions included with the 9 bonus courses that are included with the membership
  • ​Footer menu gives readers a chance to get distracted and click away from the sales page
  • ​She doesn’t offer a money back guarantee but you can cancel anytime - I’d like to see that highlighted on the page in place of the guarantee
  • ​Include values for everything that’s included in the course with a total value somewhere on the page, preferably near the payment options

Want to follow along? Download the PDF of all 5 sales pages here

Jenna Kutcher: The Content Lab

What it is: Launch The Content Lab is Jenna’s course to teach entrepreneurs how to quit spending so much time on content creation by extending the shelf life of their content.

Price Point: $197

What I love: 
  • Aesthetically speaking, this page is gorgeous and does a fantastic job of breaking up the text and making it fun (and visually appealing) to read
  • ​She presents the problem and uses story to connect with the reader about their struggles when it comes to creating content
  • ​High quality photos
  • ​The use of gifs, not just photos
  • ​She future paces the reader by getting them to imagine what’s possible then leads into her offer
  • ​Gorgeous product mockups
  • ​She clearly breaks down the topic of each module that’s included in the course...
  • ​And then she gives an overview of what they’re going to learn as a result
  • ​She includes the VALUE of everything that’s included
What I would do differently: 
  • The first section just includes the course logo which gives the reader an idea of what the course is about but she’s missing the opportunity to clearly communicate what they’re going to get out of the course
  • ​I’d include a button above the fold that goes straight to the payment options
  • ​Though I know it’s in line with her brand, I find the paragraph text to be a bit small - we want to take away obstacles that keep someone from reading our sales pages so we can make more sales
  • ​I’d like to see a total value of the course clearly stated near the payment options

Want to follow along? Download the PDF of all 5 sales pages here

Mariah Coz: The Accelerator

What it is: Launch The Accelerator is Mariah’s course that teaches her system for creating a 6-7 figure evergreen course business. This is the course she recommends for year one students. 

Price Point: Not sure (buttons take you to an application form) but I’m guessing at least $3K-5K

What I love: 
  • Timer at the top of the page that sticks to the top as you scroll
  • ​The headline is clear about the promise of the course - Build your profitable, evergreen online course empire, without the feast & famine or hustle
  • ​Video at the top of the page
  • ​Clearly describes who the course is for
  • ​Future paces with a bulleted list of the results her ICA desires most
  • ​Tons of testimonials, including video and screenshots
  • ​Mariah is personable and she makes the results feel attainable
  • ​She clearly paints the results with a before and after section
  • ​Individual mockups for everything included with the program
  • ​Most courses include Facebook groups. I like how she breaks down what happens inside this FB group so you can see it’s value
  • ​She clearly states who the program is for… and who it’s NOT for
  • ​She presents the 4-part framework of her student’s journey so there’s no question about what’s covered in the course
  • ​I like how she has an “excuses” section rather than just addressing it in the FAQs. She calls out their biggest objections in a way that’s visually hard to ignore
What I would do differently: 
  • You have to scroll to get to the headline. It’s more effective placed above the fold
  • ​Large sections of text that are center spaced, making it harder to read
  • ​The course mockup are clear (which is good) but a lot of them are visually lacking
  • ​The ‘About Me’ section is really far down and hidden in the testimonials
  • ​Some of the sections seem redundant

Want to follow along? Download the PDF of all 5 sales pages here

Social Lab Marketing: Ads Manager School

What it is: Ads manager School is Amy Crane's course that teaches people how to create a 6-figure Facebook ads agency. She teaches her students how to bypass all the mistakes she made and implement the quickest route to a 6-figure agency. 

Price Point: $1497

What I love: 
  • The headline is presented as a question which gets the reader saying yes in their head. This is psychology. The more times you can get someone to say yes before you present the offer, the more likely they’ll say yes to your offer. 
  • ​The headline clearly presents the result (and the promise of the course) their ICA desires most
  • ​Clear button right at the top with plenty sprinkled throughout the page which gives the reader multiple chances to click
  • ​She does a great job of using her story to position herself as the best person to learn how to create a Facebook ads agency from
  • ​The course is laid out very clearly and you know what to expect from each module
  • ​The features are visually displayed and hard to miss
  • ​The value of each bonus is listed and the total value of the bonuses is clearly stated
  • ​Lots of testimonials
  • ​CTA on the buttons is excellent. Instead of saying ‘buy now’ they say ‘Build My 6 Figure Agency.’
What I would do differently: 
  • They don’t spend a lot of time digging into their ICA’s struggle before presenting the offer
  • ​The buttons are black. I’d use either pink or yellow for the button then not use that color for any of the background colors throughout the page
  • ​Include a mockup with each bonus
  • ​All the testimonials are screenshots. It would be good to have written out testimonials with photos
  • ​More emphasis on the money back guarantee. Bonus points if you give it a catchy name
I hope you learned a lot from this blog. All these sales pages are GREAT examples of successful sales pages that are converting in 2021. If you want to learn more about sales pages... 👇🏻

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